An Open Source solution for CAM with Blender 3D

Several milling strategies

Profile, Pocket, Drill, Parallel, …

The main cutter types

 Ballcone, End mill flat, V-carve, …

+ 10 post-processors

GRBL, LinuxCNC, Iso, …

Milling projects since 2013

BlenderCAM is a free open source project actively developed which combines several algorithms for gcode generation usable by CNC machines with the potential of the famous Blender 3D modeling software.

Explore the world of engineering and artistic creation

BlenderCAM allows you to exploit all the potential of your CNC router machine by offering you a multitude of operations useful for drawing, sculpture and manufacturing.

A complete work process

  • Create or import 3D objects in Blender
  • Choose one or more calculation strategies according to your project
  • Visualize the machine path and use rendering simulations

Adapted to your machine

  • Speed, feed and work area…
  • More than 10 post-processors
  • 4th or 5th axis
  • Tool changes
  • Commands for dust collector, mist, hold down …

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BlenderCAM has been used for many milling projects, and is actively developed.

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